John Kenning, Shamanic Healer, shaman, reiki practitioner, wedding, animal healerJohn Kenning is a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master who has offered his services to people since 1998. He brings humor and depth to help people open to the awareness of their truth. John also offers help to animals through his affiliation with PAWS. He is close to the natural world and animal spirits. He and his wife, Jennifer, have a healing retreat center on Bainbridge Island, Washington where they offer private sessions and workshops.

Testimonial for John Kenning, shamanic and reiki practitioner healer

Beauty appears when something is completely and absolutely and openly itself. – Deena Metzger, Entering the Ghost River. This is my experience of John as he walks his sacred Medicine Way – inspiring and guiding others on their life journeys in the discovery of themselves.  He is a gifted healer, a gentle-yet-powerful warrior and guardian, an experienced and committed teacher, and an effervescent being of the light.  John has a profound healing presence, and is expert at intuiting what is needed.  He is a wonderful listener and can hear what is not being said as well as the many voices of the One.  His work is impeccable.”
Charlene Jensen, ND

After many attempts at “traditional” therapy to heal some very primal and ancient childhood wounds, I found John Kenning. Yes, his methods seem unconventional – but I can honestly say, I’ve made more progress in healing the many deep wounds of my childhood after one “Soul Retrieval” session with John than I have with years of traditional counseling. My healing came in the form of dreams – vivid – even frightening – yet cathartic. I am sure that I still have some distance to travel on the road to full emotional healing, but I feel so much more confident that my feet are on the right path and that I am finally progressing to a place where I can feel whole, safe, and worthy of love and friendship – with myself and with others. He is caring, gentle, and gifted. Thank you John, from the deepest part of my heart.
Healing in Bainbridge

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