Animal Communication

Bainbridge Island Shaman, John Kenning, Communicating with pets.An Animal Communicator Consultation is a conversation between you and your animal through me as the Animal Communicator. I am your link to let you hear what your animal has to say. I am also able to convey information you wish to impart to your animal. The purpose of a consultation is to bring harmony and understanding between you and your animal friend. There are essentially three modes of communication – clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient forms – hearing, seeing and feeling.  These are ways your pet communicates to the animal communicator.  You may wish to get information like how your pet which has died is doing or you may wish to understand your pet’s needs around his living situation in your home.  You may wish to know how he is feeling.  You may also wish to convey information and feelings to your pet – We are going on vacation or we love you and will keep you safe.  Lost animals- it is difficult to locate lost animals telepathically. If they are truly lost, they don’t know where they are, but sometimes we can pick up clues. Usually you can tell if the animal is dead or alive, inside or outside and healthy or injured. This information may be helpful in your search.

Testimonial for John Kenning, shamanic and reiki practitioner healerI have been blessed to have John facilitate my healing process for many years.   I fully trust his connection to a greater source and always feel that the words that come from him are divinely directed. I have used him as an Akashic Records facilitator and as a Reiki healer for my sweet dog, Beau.  Unbeknownst to me, Beau was in her last year of life.  After John was with her, he gently announced that I needed to start saying my good byes… I was not aware that Beau was even ill!  Six months later she passed. The six months I had with her were filled with gratitude and awareness of this sweet connection that she had brought me.  It would not have been the same experience had I not known that she was in decline.  I am grateful for John’s intuition and his ability to communicate his findings with kindness.  He is a humble conduit to the spiritual world of healing.”
Lynne White

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