Animal Reiki

Reiki is a powerful healing energy that surrounds us all. It is an ancient healing art form where the energy passes through the Reiki practitioner to the animal. It is peaceful, soothing, relaxing and non-intrusive. It works well on animals for they are closely connected with earth life force energies. Reiki assists the area of greatest need within each animal and directs the energy to go where it is needed. Reiki does not impose healing on your pet, rather it creates for your animal companion an environment for its own healing. I also offer Reiki to animals both domestic and those in the wild. In general, offering Reiki to an animal is no different than offering it to humans.

Testimonial for John Kenning, shamanic and reiki practitioner healer

My family and I adopted a 1 Shaman John Kenning performing Reiki and Communicating with our dog, Roxy.year old black lab mix whom we named Roxy from the Kitsap Humane Society. In her prior life (when she was known as Bella) she was abused and then abandoned inside a locked house for some time before her rescue. Needless to say, Roxy was a bit shy and nervous around everyone. New faces meant her hackles went up and a deep growl would come forth, her ears would lay back and her tail would tuck deep between her legs. We knew she had a good heart since she took so readily to us, but we also knew she would need some extra TLC to get over her anxiety with meeting people. Enter John Kenning. About 30 hours into our new family relationship with Roxy, we invited John over to do a little Reiki work and – if possible – to communicate to Roxy that she was in a home where she would be loved and cared for – forever. John spent about 30 minutes with Roxy out on the deck. They were silent. As John sat on the deck – his face level to Roxy’s she would come up to him, then run across the deck,¬† come back to him, and repeat. After awhile it seemed she wanted to sit on his lap. When John and Roxy re-entered the house, her whole demeanor had changed. Her tail was wagging, her ears relaxed and, from the moment she walked back into the house, she became a lapdog. Albeit a 63 pound lap dog – but a lap dog nonetheless. She has settled into her home, welcomes new people with joy and has become a happy, secure and delightful member of our family. I cannot recommend John highly enough. Every time he comes over, Roxy is overcome with joy – as if he is a long lost friend. His ability to bond with and heal even the most abused of animals is a divine gift that my whole family is thankful for.”

Debbie Hulbert
Bainbridge Island, WA

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