Shamanic Animal Work

John Kenning performs shamanic healing rituals for animals both wild and domesticThe Shamanic services available to humans are also available to animals.  Extraction and retrieval work for animals works the same as for humans.  This is especially true for cats that have been de-clawed.  They often benefit from a soul or body part retrieval.  In a complementary way, giving a Reiki treatment for the same condition can be helpful. Shamanic work can help to relieve chronic conditions of an emotional or physical nature.

Testimonial for John Kenning, shamanic and reiki practitioner healerI met John Kenning a few years ago as a fellow volunteer for PAWS, a locally run animal rescue organization located on Bainbridge Island, WA.  I was immediately impressed by his skill in relating to the cats at the shelter.  This first impression was reinforced when I asked John for help with my own cats.  John used a combination of Reiki, Shamanic and Communication skills to help relieve stress and territory issues among my five cats. While doing his work with them he discovered personality traits (that I never shared with him) which allowed him to individualize their “therapy” to their best advantage.  It helped tremendously! Most recently John was able to communicate and give comfort to one of my cats who was grieving over the loss of a feline housemate. Thank you, John.”
Megan Bischoff

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