John & Jen Healing Circle


Shamanic Healer John Kenning and Sound Healer Jennifer Waldron offer healings on Bainbridge Island, WashingtonWhen I retired from teaching in 1997 I wasn’t sure what was next for me. Within 3 days I met Jennifer. We both were ready for this to happen. This was being choreographed by a power higher than our own. We both had been single for 20 years. It was magical what happened next. Within a short time we knew we would be together always. That is when all the healing traditions I eventually would be trained in came forward and sought me out –  Shamanic work, Reiki healing work, Akashic divination training, Lakota & Haida inspired drum and rattle making, as well as a spiritual ordination to conduct weddings. Being of service to Spirit is a way of life for me. Being able to engage in this worthy work with Jennifer brings me real joy. There is a saying, “the only one thing you have to do in life is find the one thing and do it well.”  It has evolved at this point in our lives to be healers together in service of Spirit. When I am with her, all is well, all is complete.  There is a palpable energy that is created as we work together.  It becomes a sacred place and space filled with good intention to be of service to Spirit on your behalf.

Together we weave our traditions of music and sound healing, shamanic interventions, energy clearing, intuition, and divination into a matrix of healing.  In doing so, a container for change is created which not only allows for your healing, but also for you access your own wisdom.

You may find that once the blocks are gone a surge of recovery or discovery happens.  The dam broke and you are flooded with new thoughts and emotions.
The real answers that need to come forward do. IT BECOMES Easier to get out of your own way and blossom.    There can be less resistance to change.   Sometimes change happens when you just begin; the act of coming to a healing is just that.


Your healing with us is an opportunity to tell us in confidence what’s up.  Don’t be surprised when the issues you bring show up with you at the door.  We sit and talk a bit about your presenting issues as a way to begin to create the healing container.   At any time, you are encouraged to ask us questions that may come up for you.   None of what happens should be construed as in place of medical treatment or mental health interventions. What we do is considered as complementary “medicine”.

After our conversation, we create a healing ritual that includes saging, divination cards, and prayer.   And then we conduct the healing.

The entire session is about 90 minutes. Recommend 3 sessions as the work accumulates in layers.


•    BRING A Candle that you can take home with you
•    BRING anything you want to put on the altar to be blessed
•    BRING your intention for the healing.

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