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House Clearings and Blessings

House Blessings and Clearings performed by bainbridge island shaman, John KenningIs your house a place you can call home? You may have moved in and it feels like something or someone hasn’t moved out?  You may feel some rooms in your house feel “cold”? You may hear strange sounds or things go bump in the night?  Do you know what you want to experience in each room of your house, but don’t know how to create it energetically? A Shamanic clearing may well be indicated combined with the infusion of intentions all of which create a blessing for your home.

Drum Workshops

Build your own spirit drum with Bainbridge Island Shaman, John KenningWorkshops are tailored to the construction of a Native American drum in the form of a birthing ritual.  You will work with hide, sinew, and hoop material to create a drum in the tradition of the Northwest Coast Natives or that of the  Plains Indians.  You will also make a beater for your drum. (MAKING A HAIDA DRUM VIDEO)


Express your love with your own words. John Kenning performs wedding ceremonies personalized to fit your love.You may wish to create a wedding ceremony that is uniquely your own.  We work together to fashion a ceremony that reflects your values, love story and bond.

Akashic Counseling

This is a service that provides a wealth of information found inside you in your Akashic Records. I open your Records and inform you what they contain.

  • What will it do for me?  You will be given direction along a certain path of understanding. You gain an insight about where you are going.
  • How will I benefit from the work? You will have an idea of direction and balance in your life as you juggle your options.

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