This is an ancient form of healing work which offers you soul retrieval work, spiritual intrusion extraction work, spiritual divination, clearing and cleansing work.

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  • What will it do for me?  You can benefit by having lost parts of you returned, energy that is not yours removed, and a sense of balance and centeredness by having your questions addressed through shamanic divination.
  • How will I benefit from the work? You can feel more centered, balanced, and whole from shamanic work. You can have a sense of direction based on the shamanic divination work.

Soul Retrieval

You may feel something is missing within you. You may have trouble sleeping. There may be periods of your life that are blank and you can’t remember them. You may have trouble concentrating or have a feeling you are not connected to your body. You may have experienced some physical or emotional trauma.  Any of these are symptoms of soul loss where part of you went missing. It is the intention of the soul retrieval to bring those missing parts back to you.

Power Animal Retrieval

In Shamanic journeys, power or totem animals come forward to do the healing work.  They come to help, bring counsel, and provide protection.  You may feel you “need someone in your corner”. You may feel you are in danger. You may feel powerless.  It is the intention of a Power Animal Retrieval to bring to you the animal most wants to come forward at this time to be of help to you.

Shamanic Divination

You may wish counsel and direction in your life. Why are you here; what is your destiny? A journey is conducted to get you some answers to the pressing issues with which you are dealing.

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